Windform XT 2.0

Windform XT 2.0. Materiale composito caricato carbonio

The image shows the building of a CUBESAT through additive aanufacturing with the WINDFORM XT SLS material. The project has been presented to the IAA Conference University Satellites Missions.

WINDFORM XT 2.0 is the evolution of the ground breaking high performance Windform XT, the carbon fiber reinforced composite material used in SLS 3D printing. This material is known for its mechanical properties, which made it particularly suitable in demanding applications such as motorsport sector, aerospace and UAV’s.

Physical properties of Windform XT 2.0

WINDFORM XT 2.0 improves mechanical properties while maintaining the same workability for Laser Sintering machines. The improvements were carried out in order to better fulfill the needs of additive aaanufacturing required to produce end use parts and prototypes. The new material retains the matte black color of the previous version and features improvements in mechanical properties: +8% in tensile strength, +22% in tensile modulus and +46% increase in elongation at break.

WINDFORM XT 2.0 allows for the creation of accurate, reliable and durable prototypes and is perfect for functional applications.

Download specifications for Windform XT 2.0