Windform SP

Windform SP is a composite polyamide based carbon filled material for additive manufacturing

WINDFORM SP is a composite polyamide based carbon filled material used in SLS additive manufacturing. It is characterised by a deep black colour. This material is is a top level material within the polyamide WINDFORM materials for additive manufacturing.

Physical properties of Windform SP

WINDFORM SP has excellent mechanical properties similar to Windform XT 2.0. In addition it has the added advantage of increased resistance to shocks, vibrations and deformations. This material shows increases in impact strength and elongation at break. Moreover the Windform SP retains its excellent thermal properties and resistance to high temperature, with optimal mechanical characteristics per density units. Other important elements of this material is its resistance to absorption of liquids and moisture.

Windform SP is a suitable material for createing accurate and reliable prototypes, and is perfect for functional applications in motorsports, automotive (suitable for example for components under the hood, such as intake manifolds), and aerospace (components for UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), since it allows for fully functional applications as well as dyno tests, track tests and development of pre-series parts. It is also recommended for all applications requiring resistance to impact, vibration and deformation.These applications are given only as an example, the versatility of the product combined with the technology used allows infinite possibilities.

Download the technical specifications for Windform SP