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Windform GT

Windform GT. Composite material based on polyamide fiber glass

WINDFORM GT is a composite material for SLS additive manufacturing based on polyamide fiber glass, deep and dark black color. After hand finishing, the color becomes shining and brighter.

Physical properties of Windform GT

The Windform GT is an absolute new product in the family of polyamide materials for the additive manufacturing not only aesthetically, but also in terms of performance, because it differs from the other Windform powders thanks to its higher flexibility. Windform GT combines optimal characteristics of elasticity and ductility and resistance, thus it can be considered a highly valuable material in various racing and functional applications affected to vibration and shocks. In fact, the material has meaningful values of impact strength and elongation at break, which combined with relevant values of tensile strength and flexural strength make it ideal for applications where resistance to “damage” is a prerequisite, in order to preserve the component, for example in case of impact and / or improper use.

A further element of distinction from other materials Windform is its characteristic of being a waterproof material, resistant to moisture and therefore to the absorption of liquids. Windform GT is also a very light material with excellent mechanical properties per unit density.

Product specifications