Windform GF 2.0

Windform GF 2.0. Polyamide based material filled with glass and aluminium

Scale reproduction of a toy model in WINDFORM GF 2.0

WINDFORM GF 2.0 is a composite SLS material made of polyamide filled with glass and aluminium, which presents an improvement in both the thermal and mechanical properties, and the aesthetics of the product.

Performance of Windform GF 2.0

In terms of performance, this material shows a significant improvement in the Heat Deflection Temperature (almost +8%), as well as an increase in the values of tensile strength and elongation strength. It can therefore offer greater ductility than the previous version, appreciable in various racing applications and functions subject to greater vibrations. It also has excellent mechanical properties per unit of density, thanks to its lighter weight.WINDFORM GF 2.0, furthermore, shows less moisture absorption than the other Windform products.

On an aesthetic level, GF 2.0 maintains and enhances the light grey colour and glossy metallic appearance, appreciated in many design and wind tunnel applications, offering an even brighter look. Moreover, of great importance, is the improvement in detail reproduction, which makes WINDFORM GF 2.0 particularly suitable for applications which require accurate and superior surface definition and excellent reproduction of even the finest details.

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