Coloring Charge for Innov’PA Xs

Polyamide coloring charge for Innov’PA : C4PFP03

The coloring charge for Innov’PA are small drums of colored Polyamide. These are easily mixed with fine Innov’PA 1550 Xs (thermoplastic polyamide powder gives end products in natural color).

The resulting mixture of colored material is especially formulated to function on rapid prototyping systems by laser sintering or radiation. It enables the production of models and functional parts in “plastic engineering” with long life cycles, excellent chemical resistance and aesthetic effects.

The coloring charges (C4pfp03) are sold in Black, Blue, Red and Grey.

The coloring charge are engineered in a way that the refresh ratio and the mechanical properties are not affected by this color change. Just as with plain Innov’PA 1550 Xs, the material has superior cohesion of layers and offers a plastic behavior and responsive mechanics that approach those of the mold-injected parts.

A simple blasting of the print is sufficient, but these parts can also be finished and painted if needed.