Innov’PA 1450 ETx

Polyamide fine powder PFP04

innov'pa 1450 ETx polyamide 11 SLS material medical rapid prototypingInnov’PA 1450 ETx is a fine powder based on polyamide 11 (thermoplastic) especially formulated to function on rapid prototyping systems by laser sintering or radiation. It enables production of 3D printed models and functional parts in “plastic engineering” with long life cycles, excellent chemical resistance, increase elongation with an high impact strength compare to other polyamides. This is one of the only materials in the rapid prototyping field that is fine enough for end-use details such as hinges or snap-fits.
This polyamide 11 powder is used to print products in 3D in a natural cream color, and is based on renewable resources! The main markets for this product are end-use products in the Medical field.
Innov’PA 1450 ETx is based on a new formulation with improved mechanical characteristics and Laser Sintering process stability. It benefits from an excellent ductility, elongation and resistance to shock. The combination of improvements in its mechanical properties gives the products better layer cohesion. The resulting increased plastic behavior and responsive mechanics of the parts manufactured means that they can rival mould-injected materials such as Polypropylene (PP). These innovative properties make Innov’PA 1450 ETx ideal for Rapid Manufacturing.
The process windows is the largest of the market for a Polyamide, thus all the left-over powder of a build can be re-used after sifting. The refreshing factor for regeneration, due to the adapted formulation of Innov’PA 1450 ETx , is lower than the usual rates in rapid prototyping.

Applications for Innov’PA 1450 ETx

Applications for Innov’PA 1450 ETx are complex parts and models for the medical sector, functional prototypes, precision models, customized mechanical designs for withstanding shocked, or for specific chemical and heat resistant properties.
  • Granulometry refined around 50 µm
  • Excellent resolution of contour and surface for low-to-mid volume in rapid manufacturing of complex end-use parts
  • Improved and reliable mechanical properties – especially impact resistance
  • Ductility, elongation and shock resistance for functionality
  • Exploitable on any type of system of prototyping: manufacturer independent.
  • Uses continuous powder sifting-regenerating cycles, with a lowest regeneration factor at 33% (max. 8-10 cycles) and 50% for medical applications (continuous)
  • Natural cream appearance and coloration possible with Exceltec coloring charge
  • Chemical resistance, based on a renewable resource for the Polyamide 11
  • Provisioning independent of the manufacturers

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